February 22, 2020

Paintings by Billy Schenck


"Where Eagles Dare"
Oil - 30" x 40"


"A Decision"
Oil - 20" x 24"

Billy Schenck

Billy Schenck paints images of modern Western America. In his own words he explains, "My style of painting becomes a marriage of my earliest romantic remembrances of the West and my artistic roots in the 'pop' painting of the early 1960's."

Chosen by a group of art historians including Peter Hassrick, Denver Art Museum; and Don Haggerty, author and head of the Art History Department at UC-Davis, Schenck was included in the "Masters of Western Art 1900-2000" show held at the Desert Caballeros Museum.

Since 1970, he has participated in over 87 solo exhibitions and 64 museum shows in the United States and Europe. His work can be seen in over 100 major collections, including The Denver Art Museum, Albrecht Kemper Museum of Art, Whitney Gallery of Western Art, Tucson Museum of Art, and Scottsdale Center for the Arts.

Other public and corporate collections include Sky Harbor Airport, Mayo Clinic, McDonalds Corporation, National Bank of Switzerland, American Airlines, Wells Fargo Bank, and IBM.

Billy Schenck West Past Oljeto

"West Past Oljeto"
Oil - 20" x 40"


"A Walk In The Desert"
Oil - 24" x 36"

Billy Schenck Last Light

"Last Light"
Oil - 10" x 16"


"Ed's Cows"
Oil - 26" x 36"

Billy Schenck Ogre Kachina

"Ogre Kachina"
Oil - 30" x 24"

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