January 22, 2020

Sally Hendrickson

Sally has over twenty years of experience as a private and personal shopper. While living in Beverly Hills, she developed an elite clientele, met fascinating people, and established a career based on her taste and creative vision.

Her career began in New York City, where, after getting her degree in Fashion, Merchandising and Promotion, she stayed to work for a large resident buying office. She next moved to Los Angeles.

Sally established the Neiman Marcus Studio Services and Personal Shopping departments in the Beverly Hills store. She later opened her own personal shopping business, while continuing to service Neiman Marcus VIP clientele by appointment. What came next? An additional business - Sally Hendrickson Fine Art & Treasures!

While choosing wardrobes for celebrities, artwork for collectors, and gifts for busy CEOs, she searches the country for aesthetically pleasing, high quality work.

Sally's refined sense of style, color and design, as well as her eye for balance and visual harmony, has earned her a clientele any Hollywood casting director would envy. Her choices have appeared at the Academy Awards, the Emmys, the Grammys and the Golden Globe Awards. They have been on CD and magazine covers, and of course on TV and in the movies.

"I am happy when I put an outfit together for someone and they look great. More importantly, they feel great, and that's the true reward for me. When I find a piece of artwork that someone treasures as much as I do, and they choose to place it in their home, I feel that same reward."

"I try to know my clients as well as I can - to understand their lives, their needs, and their desires. Doing this allows me to personalize my services to fit their individual needs."

"Words such as balance, serenity, spirit, soul, heart and tranquility are always in my thoughts when I select gifts and artwork. Wardrobe selection is a very individual process, there can be a great many factors involved, that's what makes it interesting. It can be like putting a giant puzzle together, and you end up with a pretty picture."

"I am very fortunate, I am able to be a personal shopper, a fashion consultant, a stylist, a decorator, an art dealer, and a designer, sometimes, all at the same time!"

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